Meal Plans

Kitchen Comforts is here to help busy families learn how to eat at home again. There is nothing more comforting than eating around the table with your family in the evenings.

Unfortunately, families are so busy it is very difficult to find time to cook healthy meals at home, especially when eating gluten free!

Planning out your meals saves time and frustration. You know when you get up the morning if you need to throw something in the slow cooker, take something out of the freezer, or what you need to prepare. This leaves you more time with your family in the evenings!

It also saves money because you won’t be going out to eat so much! Save that for special occasions, not a regular occurrence.

When you eat at home, you save money, time and you also know exactly what’s going into your food. Eating better = feeling better. We are firm believers, and have personal testimonies, that eating whole, healthy foods can drastically improve your health and how you feel.

All of our meals are healthy, simple and quick. We don’t plan meals and recipes that have tons of ingredients, or that you have to go to three different grocery stores to find items for one recipe.  You can have these dinners fixed in a snap, as well as have breakfast and lunches and snacks planned out.

We currently offer two plans:

2 weeks of menus, recipes, and shopping lists – $10.50


1 month of menus, recipes, and shopping lists – $15.00

Regular Gluten Free Meal Plan: Click on the PayPal links to buy your meal plan!

**We specialize in gluten free menus. However, if you would like to request a menu that is not gluten free, we will gladly fit to your needs! For a more customized meal plan, please contact us at**