Homemade Yogurt Popsicle Recipe


You know here at Kitchen Comforts we are all about easy recipes! Lately we’ve also been on a kick with cold’s summer time ya’ll. This heat and humidity in the south is too hot to eat a lot of hot food. It’s typically fairly humid here when I’m getting up in the morning. The heat sets in a little later, but who wants to start a day with hot food when your hair is already the size of Texas from the humidity? Not me.


I eat yogurt year round, but in the summer I like it frozen! This recipe is perfect for little ones too-because it’s fun to eat a popsicle for breakfast!

It has protein, fruit, and good probiotics to make our bellies happy. Do you know that a balance of good, healthy bacteria in our digestive systems can have a POSITIVE impact on our health? Check out a few of these facts!

  • 80% of our immune system is located in the digestive tract. So, this is a pretty good reason in and of itself to load up on probiotics. Healthy immune system=Healthy Life!
  • Several diseases can stem from a bacterial imbalance-these include depression, anxiety, and arthritis
  • A healthy amount of good bacteria produces vitamin B12-and I think we can all use a little more energy every now and then!
  • Probiotics help your immune system by creating enzymes that destroy the bacteria that is harmful.
  • Not enough probiotics contributes to autoimmune diseases as well as frequent colds and flu. YUCK.
  • On top of the “inner” health-it is also GREAT for your skin.

Are you ready to get some probiotics now?! Here’s all you need.

2 small containers of greek yogurt. You can use vanilla, or get plain and add your own vanilla to it and sweeten with honey.

1 cup frozen (or fresh) blueberries

2 TBS whole milk

1 tsp fresh lemon juice


Mix all the ingredients together-I of course used my favorite little mini spatula and it worked like a charm!

Pour into popsicle molds and freeze until the next morning!

Doesn’t that “batter” look so good you could lick the spatula? Go ahead.

The flavors could be endless! What flavor will you make?


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