Gluten Free Simple Summer Pasta Salad

I LOVE fresh vegetables and fruit in the summer! I also love Parmesan cheese. In the summer, I usually don’t want a whole lot of hot this is a perfect meal!

This is honestly a recipe that you just throw in whatever you don’t even have to measure! It’s up to you and your taste buds!

Are you ready?


Rice Pasta

Carrots, Celery, and Cucumbers

Italian Dressing

Parmesan Cheese

….that’s it.

So, cook the rice pasta (I suggest putting a little olive oil in the water to keep the noodles from sticking together). Once it is cooked, drain and rinse and let it cool off.

While the pasta is cooling, chop up your vegetables. I tend to overload mine with carrots and cucumber because I love them! I only use one stalk of celery for flavoring’s sake..but feel free to use more if you’re a celery lover! Black olives would be good, too!


Mix your fresh veggies in with the pasta, then pour in some Italian dressing-again-however much your taste buds like. I suggest at least 1/3 cup to keep the noodles moist! (You may have to add more the next day). Sprinkle the top with some Parmesan and eat up!

This is SO good with grilled chicken, and even more veggies like squash and onion. Plus, it’s even better the next day!

What will you add to yours?


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